Doo Doo Unto Others was our first short film. 

This story is about a man who finally gets fed up with a neighbor who continually lets his dog "mess" in his yard. Ever been tempted to return those gifts your neighbor's dog leaves behind?
Don't try this at may not turn out so good!

Written by Mary Cunliffe   Produced by Charles Cunliffe

Duck Tenders was shot on a Canon 7D High Definition SLR.
We stopped one day in Galena Illinois at The Market House Restaurant and asked if we could shoot a movie. 
They agreed and allowed us to do this quick project which was a test for the new camera gear. We find this an interesting piece because it expresses so much without dialogue or facial expression. Thanks for watching.
Lunch in Grant Park was shot the same day as 
Duck Tenders as a test for our new gear. 
It was a windy and cold day but we had a great time. 
These were a great example of Gorilla Film Making.
We pretty much made them both up as we drove around trying to get warm. Hope you enjoy it. 
Special thanks to Galena and Grant Park for a 
location that was so pretty....and CLEAN.
Special Delivery was made for the 2010-48 Hour Film Competition. We were given the genre of Musical, the line, "I can't hear you" and the prop "a tie" which all had to be incorporated into the film. With a cast & crew of 22 we started on Friday night writing and finished all work on the film around 2PM on Sunday.

We never imagined we would draw musical. It was fun putting this together. We had a great cast and crew. Congratulations to the Creative Maxims team for winning  "Best Use of Genre" .

Andy Steil -Director of Photography 
Dean Wellman - Editor 
Ted Rosean -Sound Manager 
Mary Cunliffe -Producer 
Charlie Cunliffe- Directed. 

We had  a great cast and terrific writers. Hope you enjoy it.
Striking Out was created by the Great River Film Initiative as part of the 48 Hour Film Competition-Madison Wisconsin in 2009. The film which was directed by Charles Cunliffe and was written by a team of GRIFI members, shot by Andy Steil from Galena Illinois and edited by Dean Wellman. Rob Beltran and Genevieve Henricks played the two leading roles with outstanding performances by young Sean, Cherokee, Dakota and Raine in their film debuts.

While participating in the 48 Hour Film Competition our team was given a prop (bowl), the words (please, 
I beg you), a profession (Energy Consultant), and the genre (drama), which all had to be incorporated into the film. We had 48 hours to write, cast, film, edit and deliver our film to Madison. What ensued was movie-making mania. At 47 hours and 57 minutes, the team delivered our first-ever film, Striking Out. 
The film won an award for "Best Acting".
The Arbor Ate Em was created by the Great River Film Initiative as part of an effort to introduce the group to the community. The project involved over 80 cast & crew members, many of whom were civic leaders and the project highlighted the beautiful grounds of the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. The story was written by Mary Cunliffe and the film was directed by Charles Cunliffe. 
Several hours were donated by Andy Steil editing and many others worked extremely hard on all aspects of the film.
We had a great cast & crew who came together on weekends to put this project on the screen. 
"SATED" was produced as part of the Canned Film Competition for the Beloit International Film Festival.
 Participants had to write, shoot, edit and deliver a film back to Beloit within a 50 hour time limit. 
SATED was one of three award winners at BIFF securing it a spot on the Short  Roster for BIFF in 2012. 
The "can" you see in the film had to be opened during shooting without any knowledge of the contents.

Creative Maxims teamed with Bluff City Films to produce Sated which was written and co-directed by 
Tyler Breitbach and Charles Cunliffe. The cast- Brendan Sullivan - Fran Henkels - Anna Baur Schoer -  
Patti Schissel. Cinematography - Zach George and Tyler Breitbach - Special Effects & Editing by - 
Tyler Breitbach - Sound & Lighting by Ted Rosean - Production Assistant Dan Nye - Producer Mary Cunliffe.
Damed was created as part of the Canned Film Competition Fall 2011.  This Creative Maxims production starring Charles Cunliffe and Sara Millhouse was written by Ted Rosean and won the awards for Best Film and Best Plan. Mary Cunliffe, Amy Mehlhorn, Anna Bauer Schoer and Allan Schoer were all a part of the team. Congratulations to the Creative Maxims cast and crew! Teams were given 50 hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver a short film. Participants were given a genre (Comedy) and a can with an undisclosed item inside. The "can" had to be opened during filming and reacted to spontaneously by the actors.
The win automatically entered Damed in the debut year for the Julien International Film Festival.