On July 23rd 2010, a storm dumped over nine inches of rain on the Lake Delhi watershed causing the most significant flooding ever experienced on the lake. As a result of the high water levels, the lake began to spill over the road at the Lake Delhi dam at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning July 24th. This started the events that would lead to the complete breach of the roadway and dam, allowing the entire lake to spill through onto the property and communities below, leaving a landscape of destruction and disappointment about a way of life shared by generations that would be lost unless the lake is restored. 

We Will Be Back "The Lake Delhi Story", highlights a brief early history followed by stories and footage from decades of families enjoying the lake at such familiar places as "Campo Delhi" and Freddy's Beach". 
The film producers Charles and Mary Cunliffe dedicated two years to visiting with the people of the lake and working to tell their story. The couple's son Robert Cunliffe has original music featured in the film. In a poignant opening narration that sets the tone for a wonderful viewing experience, Mary Cunliffe who spent summer's there as a little girl, shares her fond memories . "This is the story about a lake, about a flood, but it is much more than that. This is really a story about a way of life shared by generations and at risk now unless we all pull together and determine, that no matter what, "We Will Be Back." Audiences will be delighted by the film, especially those who have ever visited Lake Delhi. 

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Lake Delhi Article

The Telegraph Herald had a charming article written by Kurt Ullrich and we thought it would be nice to make it available to anyone who did not get the TH. So we talked to Kurt and he gave us the okay to post it here. Just click the article icon above to read the piece.

We Will Be Back 
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